stop sending files by email.

Samir: Michael, do you have the latest OBD spreadsheet? I sent it to you last Friday.
Mike B: Yes, it's here in my email.
Samir: No, that's the copy from Wednesday. I mean the updated one, it's 5.4MB not 5.3MB.
Mike B: Oh, um let me check….
Samir: Hold on, I think I sent a copy to Sheila…let me go ask her if it's in her email.

Too many companies operate this way.

We're now several decades into the IT revolution.
The computer should automate this kind of bookkeeping for you.

The good news is that programmers have solved this problem for themselves,
open-sourced the solution, and their software can be applied to most businesses.

The only thing you need is someone to set it up and train people to use it.

Humility will install VCS software, teach your staff how to use it, and if needed set up backup servers.

If for some reason that does not work for you we can have a further discussion.

But for most people this is low-hanging fruit. It's not hard to implement and will
save your employees time on a day-to-day basis.

Of course removing 15 minutes of make-work from an employee's day will not only make
them happier, but also increase their efficiency by 3%. In other words they get an
"emotional raise" (job is less annoying) and you get cheaper staff. (Equivalent to
not having to give raises one year.)

Let's talk about VCS. It's an improvement you probably want.